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Ed's PCs have full technical workshops in all of our stores, we can diagnose and repair most hardware and software problems.  With Microsft and Intel certified technicians, Ed's PCs is the professional choice.

Laptop and Computer Repair Pricing:

Our fully equipped workshops offer a variety of services that are performed in store.  Average turn-around times from drop off to completion is approximately 2-5 Days, this does not include weekends or public holidays.  An extensive range of parts are kept in stock at all locations so that we can fix most problems without having to order parts.  In rare cases, special parts may have to be ordered and can delay the usual fast turn-around time.  All jobs are performed on a first in first out basis unless priority is required.  All jobs require a diagnosis and you will be notified if there are any additional parts or labour required before we proceed beyond the diagnosis.


Full Diagnosis - $129

 - Includes full hardware and software testing and extensive reporting.

 - Includes windows updates, software clean ups, driver fixes and other minor software fixes.

 - Average diagnosis time is 1-2 Working Days. This does not include a possible 1-3 Days in the queue.

 - All Jobs are performed on a first in - first out basis unless priority is required.


  - Priority Service - Additional $69 (on top of diagnosis)

    - Additional fee charged to move your job to the front of the queue.

    - Diagnosis is usually completed same day but cannot be not guaranteed.


  - Emergency Service - Additional $129 (on top of diagnosis)

    - Additional fee charged to have your job started immediately.  Job is also given highest priority of  technical

       work performed.

    - Entire Job is usually completed same day but cannot be guaranteed.


Manual Virus Removal - From $69

 - Viruses are deleted manually and any traces are removed from the registry, this service is not available if the

    corruption is too extensive.

 - This service is not recommended or guaranteed as not all traces of viruses can always be removed. Ed's PCs

    recommends a full windows reload.

 - If Virus/Spyware returns within 1 week of pickup, you may choose to return with the PC to complete a Full

    Windows Reload and Data Backup.  The $69 already paid will be credited towards the Format and Reload in this case.


Full Windows Reload / Upgrade - $129 - Bundled with backup (below) $249

 - The Hard drive is formatted (all data erased) and windows is re-loaded using the existing license provided or

    a new license purchased.

 - All drivers, additional support tools and essential software are installed at no extra cost.

 - Any additional software required by the customer is also installed at no extra cost as long as licensing

    information is provided.

 - This is the most thorough and reliable method to clean your computer of all errors and/or viruses.


Data Backup and Restore or Data Extraction - $129 - Bundled with reload (above) = $249

 - Data is backed up and transferred to our secure server, scanned for errors and made ready for retrieval.

 - Data is returned to repaired or new computer and put back into proper location.

 - Includes email setup (Information to be provided by customer).


Standard Data Recovery - $199 (Attempt Fee $69)

 - Data can be retrieved from most devices (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, external HDD/SSD, USB Pen Drive / SD / MicroSD or other storage medium)

 - Data is transferred to our secure server, scanned for errors / Viruses and made ready for extraction.

 - Data can be transferred to any device supplied by customer (new laptop/computer/external HDD/USB,

    DVD's) or purchased from Ed's PCs.


Advanced Data Recovery (In House) - From $299 (Attempt Fee $69)

 - For more difficult data retrieval and recovery where lengthy sector repairs or HDD regeneration is required.

 - If this process cannot be completed, there is no fee.  Ed's PCs may refer you to a third party Data Recovery



Advanced Data Recovery (Outsourced Lab) - Starting at $799

 - For Mechanical Failures of drives where a clean room laboratory is required to dismantle and rebuild the hard drive.

 - This service is outsourced and can take 1-3+ weeks turn around. A $69 Handling and attempt fee is payable

    before sending off, this covers the freight and handling from Ed's PCs although does not cover any of the

    recovery fees.

Broken USB Drive (Memory Stick) Recover - From $69 - Usually $199 (Attempt Fee $69)

 - Most USB Pen Drives with broken USB Port can be repaired by soldering new port onto PCB Board or cabled

    USB Port soldered to PCB.

 - If port is only broken at the USB port without any cracks or damaged cracks, may only cost $49, otherwise

    any advanced soldering with track work will be $99 - $199 depending on the time and difficulty.


Single Item Hardware Testing - $29 (Simple Testing - does not require Bench Build)

 - Individual items are tested for faults, fee does not apply if product was purchased from Ed's PCs and is

    still under warranty. May also be charged if item is returned and is not faulty.

Advanced Single Item Hardware Testing - $49-$69 (Where bench build is required for testing)

 - Individual items are tested for faults where a temporary bench build is required to test item (IE Mainboard as it requires a whole system to be build around it. Fee does not apply if product was purchased from Ed's PCs and is still under warranty. May also be charged if item is returned and is not faulty. 


Hardware Installation - $29

 - Individual item installed into a computer.  Includes software installation and testing.  Does not include

    diagnosis on existing hardware.

 - Usually performed within approximately 1 hour.


Password Removal - From $69

 - Remove forgotten windows password.  Proof of ownership may be requested.

 - Usually performed within approximately 1 hour.

 - Microsoft Account Passwords require full new user account to be created and data to then be transferred, this job is treated the same as a data extraction at a cost of $129.


Full Service - $129

 - Computer is dismantled and all parts are cleaned individually, dust filters are cleaned.

 - CPU fan is serviced with fresh thermal paste.

 - Any cables or fixings that are not in good condition are replaced.


Light Service - $49

 - Computer is cleaned out of all dust and thermal paste is replaced if needed.

 - Damaged cables are also replaced.


Dust Out (Air Gun) - $29

 - Thorough dust removal using air gun.


Computer Delivery and Installation - From $129

 - 1 Hour Maximum from base departure.

 - Includes free removal of old equipment / Packaging.

 - Installer is not always a technician, simple plug in

 - Does not include additional lessons or networking, this may reqire an on-site technician.


We service and repair all brands of computers, laptops, tablets & mobile phones. No problem is too big or small for Ed's PCs.  With the largest stock in the redlands alone, we carry most parts to fix any problem. If we don't have what you need in stock, we can do a custom order and have you back up and running in no time


Got a Virus, no problem, we can manually remove viruses or in the worst case scenario, if it is too far gone, Ed's PCs can completely reload your computer and re install all of your software.  Don't worry, we can also backup and restore your personal information.


Is your computer getting a little slow?  Maybe its time for an upgrade!  We cary a huge variety of parts to upgrade any computer for the last 10 years.  We stock all of the latest parts needed to give your computer that extra kick.


Ed's PCs has in house electronics repairs services.  We do battery replacements, soldiering jobs and cable repairs.

Ed's PCs can fix most smartphones and tablets, we offer fast turn around times and use genuine parts.

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